Підсумкове тестове завдання спецкурсу «Література Великої Британії» Письменники 20 ст.

English Literature Exit Test

I Match the authors and the books.

  1. Herbert Wells                                                    A. The Moon and Sixpence
  2. The Third Man
  3. William Somerset Maugham                           C. The Invisible Man
  4. David Herbert Lawrence                                  D. The Lord of the Flies
  5.        The Time Machine
  6. Graham Green                                                    F. Sons and Lovers
  7. Luncheon
  8. William Golding                                                  H. The Quiet American

II Match the characters and the books

  1.  The Invisible Man                                    a. Rollo Martins
  2. The Moon and Sixpence                          b. Morel
  3.  Sons and Lovers                                       c. Piggy
  4. The Third Man                                          d. Griffin
  5. Lord of the Flies                                        e. Charles Strickland

III Match the characteristics to the books mentioned above in the task II.

  1. This book belongs to the writer’s  lighter action novels which he called entertainments.
  2. The book deals with the theme of loneliness of the scientist in the surrounding world and the  danger of science in the hands of suffering individualists.
  3. The main theme of  the book is man’s tendency towards evil, when the characters of the novel put into isolated, stressful situation the evil is brought out in them.
  4. The novel deals with the negative aspects of modern industrial society and reflects the authors personal experience, including his uneasy adolescence and his parents’ unhappy relationship.
  5. The title of the book serves the author as a symbol for two opposing worlds-the material world which is left by the main character, where everything is thought of in terms of money and the world of art.

IV Complete the sentences using the parts of the body: head, thumb, elbow, hand, finger.

  1.  The teacher asked the students to … in the tests.
  2. The trolleybus was overcrowded so I had to… my way to get off.
  3. In the morning they left the camp and …  for Hoverla.
  4. I don’t advise you to … a lift on the road.


V Complete the phrasal verbs with take in these sentences.

  1.  The  day was misty and their plane couldn’t take….  .
  2.  Ostap Stupka has taken … his father who is among the best Ukrainian actors.
  3.  This year he has taken … dancing.
  4.  Your clothes are soaked wet. Take them … immediately.
  5.  Sarah was taken …  by the old woman and gave her all her  money.
  6.  Sorry, I must take … my pen. I need it at the moment.