10 клас. Література Великобританії.

Англійський детектив.

  1. Вивчаємо біографію Артура  Конан Дойля. Завдання: ознайомитися з презентацією, виділити основні періоди життя.
  2. Знайдіть значення слів з уривку з тексту «Собака Баскервілів», з’єднавши слова у пари (виконати вправу). 

3. Ономатопея – це наука про звуки. Переглянувши відео, ви познайомитеся , як англійці називають окремі звуки, які ми чуємо в щоденному житті.


Подальше відпрацювання таких звуків. “The sharp click of a cocking pistol” (line 24). These are all onomatopoeic sounds:

buzz, crash, crack, creak, rustle, snap, splash, whizz. Use them in the following sentences, changing the form if necessary.

  1. The flies …. around the open dustbin.
  2. There was a loud … when he poured boiling water into the glass.
  3. As I tiptoed up to my room, the stairs …. loudly.
  4. She … her fingers and called to her dog.
  5. The waiter dropped the breakfast with a … .
  6. The golf ball … past my car.
  7. Please don’t ….. your newspaper while I’m trying to listen to the radio.
  8. The children enjoyed …..  around in the pool.


If you were attentive enough and did your best, you’ve got the following answers:

1 buzzed                      3 creaked               5 crash               7 rustle

2 crack                         4 snapped              6 whizzed          8 splashing

  1. This extract from A. Christie’s book “4.50 from Paddington” will help you get ready for ZNO.

Read the text below.Choose from (A-K) the one which best fits each space(1-9) There are two choices you do not need to use.

Agatha Christie.      4.50 from Paddington

Mrs. McGillicuddy is a sensible, elderly woman. She has been doing her Christmas shopping in London, and is now on the 4.50 train from Paddington station, (1)___. While looking out of the train, she sees a frightening sight…

   The train gathered speed again. For a time the two trains ran paralled, (2)__ , now the other. Mrs McGillicuddy looked from her window (3)___ . Most of the blinds were down.

   At the moment (4)___, Mrs. McGullicuddy looked into the lightest first- class carriage. Then she drew her breath in with a gasp (5)____. Standing with his back to the window and to her was a man. His hands were round the throat of a woman (6)___, and he was slowly strangling her. As Mrs Gullicuddy watched fascinated,(7)___; the woman’s body went limp.

   Almost automatically her hand went up to the communication cord, (8)____, irresolute.

(9)___, what use would it be ringing the cord of the train in which she was travelling?

  1. now one gaining a little
  2. on her way to visit an old friend, Miss Marple
  3. after all
  4. through the windows of the parallel carriages
  5. I saw it through there.
  6. and half rose to her feet
  7. the end came
  8. when the two trains gave the illusion of being stationary
  9. then paused
  10. who faced him
  11. who decided to visit Miss Marple