Англійська, 10 клас.

Покрокова інструкція “Як надіслати виконане завдання вчителю”

Завдання на період карантину для учнів 10 класу від вчителя В.В. Кушляк

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  1. https://naurok.com.ua/test/natural-disasters-47517.html
  2. Текст для читання з тестовими завданнями.

Завдання високого рівня  для 10 класу

Read the text about tornadoes. Some parts of the text have been removed. Complete the text by deciding which sentence (A-H) fits each gap (17). There is one sentence that you do not need.

The USA – tornado country

Do you know the American story and film The Wizard of Oz? It is about a girl from Kansas, called Dorothy, who is caught by a tornado and is taken to a magical world. (1)____       

A tornado, or ‘twister, is a strong, dangerous column of air that is in contact with the ground and a cloud at the same time. Most tornadoes have wind speeds below 177 km/h. They travel for a few kilometres and then disappear.(2)____

They can be 3 km wide and they can stay on

the ground for more than 100 km. These twisters are the most dangerous. (3)_____

Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the world, but they are very frequent in the United States. There is tornado weather in all of the American states, but there is one area that has  more tornadoes than any other. (4)____

The area is flat and lies between two mountain ranges. Warm air from Mexico can therefore travel north and meet cold air coming south from Canada. (5)____

Texas has the most tornadoes. Between 1950 and 2000,  5,500 tornadoes hit this US state.(6)____ However, the worst period of tornado weather of all didn’t just affect Texas.The3 and        4 April 1974. will always be remembered in American history, because in just 16 hours there were 24S tornadoes in 13 states. Some of them were huge and travelled for 60 km.

330 people were killed and 5,500 were injured across

America. (7) ___So many tornadoes in such a short time

is a very rare occurrence, but scientists say that it will definitely happen again. Next time, though, they promise that the USA will be better-prepared.


  1. But some can have wind speeds of 480 km/h.
  2. But in reality, tornadoes aren’t quite so kind.
  3. The tornado was gone 15 or 20 seconds later.
  4. It is this mixture of warm, wet air and cold, dry air that causes tornadoes.
  5. It is called “Tornado Alley” and it covers most of Texas, Kansas and Nebraska.
  6. It was the biggest and most dangerous tornado outbreak ever.
  7. They can pick up houses, cars, animals and people, and drop them far away.
  8. This is an average of 110 tornadoes every year.

Прочитати текст і вставити пропущені речення.

Form 10 A   Read the story and fill in the sentences below. One sentence doesn’t match.

The Early Warning

 Max and Hugh were almost at the top of the volcano. They were both exhausted after climbing Mount Alamana, so they decided to camp for the night. (8)___ . “What was that?” said Hugh. “It’s the volcano”, replied Max. (9)____. They ran down the mountainside leaving all their belongings behind them. They didn’t stop until they arrived at the village at the foot of the volcano. (10)___ asked the policeman as they ran into the small police station. “Mount Alamana is about to erupt”, said Hugh. “Warn the villagers!”. (11)___ . Just as the last car drove away there was a huge explosion and the sky filled with thick smoke as the volcano erupted.

   Later, the grateful villagers held a party in honour of the two climbers. (12)___. The two men felt very embarrassed, but also proud of themselves for saving the villagers from the volcano with their early warning!

  1. “Let’s get out of here, now!”
  2. They were sleeping peacefully in their tent, when suddenly a loud rumbling noise woke them both up.
  3. “What’s wrong?”
  4. The boys didn’t see any villagers.
  5. “You saved our lives”, they said to Max and Hugh and shook their hands.
  6. Soon everyone was climbing into cars and trucks hurrying to leave the village.


  1. Read the text and mark false and true sentences.

Завдання 1. Прочитати текст та позначити правдиві та неправдиві речення.


Cyclones are huge storms. They happen over the Atlantic  and the Pacific Oceans. They can cause great damage when they hit the land.

   Cyclones form over warm ocean water. They only happen if there are  moderate to strong winds blowing in the same direction at sea level. There also has to be a big difference between the atmospheric pressure at sea level and at higher levels.

When a storm becomes a cyclone, winds and clouds start twisting around an “eye”. This is the center of the storm. Everything is calm there. Cyclones twist anti-clockwise if they are in the northern hemisphere, and clockwise if they are in the southern hemisphere. Winds can blow as fast as 250km per hour. When a cyclone hits land, it can damage buildings, trees and cars.

   A cyclone can be very dangerous. Thanks to satellites, scientists can spot them early and warn people who live near the coast about them.

Clockwise- за годинниковою стрілкою  anti-clockwise – проти годин. Стрілки

  1. Scientists are not sure exactly how cyclones happen.
  2. Cyclones are always formed over cool ocean water .
  3. Cyclones always twist anti-clockwise.
  4. There is storm in the “eye” of a cyclone.
  5. Cyclones can travel as fast as 250km per hour.
  6. Scientists are not always able to warn people about cyclones.
  1. Grammar exercise. Open the brackets and use Conditional 2.

Завдання 2. Переписати речення, розкриваючи дужки і вживаючи умовні речення другого типу.

  1. If we (plant) more tree, people (have) more oxygen.
  2. If citizens (use) bicycles, cities (be) less polluted.
  3. If the authorities (improve) public transport, people(not buy) so many cars.
  4. Children( be) able to play safely if we (create) more parks.
  5. There(not be) so much rubbish if people(recycle) things.
  6. We (not have) landslides if people (not cut down) mountain forest.
  1. Read the story 2 and fill in the sentences below. Two sentences do not match.

Завдання 3. Прочитати текст і вставити пропущені речення.

A Lucky Escape.

It was a perfect day for skiing, the sun was shining so Josie put on her sunglasses and skied to the lift.(7)___  .While she was waiting for the lift, she heard a loud rumbling noise. She looked up and saw lots of snow falling down the mountain.(8)___ . Josie looked around for somewhere to hide. She noticed a ski hut nearby and ran towards it. Once inside, the ground began to shake and she was afraid that the avalanche was going to fall on the small wooden hut. (9)___.

    After a few minutes, Josie tried to open the door of the hut, but the weight of the snow was pressing against it. (10)____ . She stood on some empty boxes and pulled herself through the hole. (11)___ . She was happy and relieved to be safe but she decided that next year she was going to the seaside for her holiday!

  1. Josie was still lying on the snow when rescuers came with dry clothes and warm drink.
  2. It was the last day of her holiday and she wanted to enjoy it.
  3. The noise became louder as the avalanche came crashing down the mountain towards the ski lift.
  4. Suddenly there was a loud crash and everything went quiet.
  5. Josie forgot to take her sunglasses.
  6. She was looking for a way out when she noticed sunlight shining through a hole in the roof.
  7. Josie enjoyed her holiday greatly and planned to return there again.