Експрес-тест (Вашінгтон Ірвінг, Г.В. Лонгфелло, Е.А. По)


Match the authors and their works.

  1. Washington Irving                          a) ”The Song of  Hiawatha”                                                                              b) “The Stolen Letter”
  2. Edgar Allan Poe                               c) “Rip Van Winkle”                                                                                          d) “The Fall of the House of Ushers”.
  3.   Henry Wadsworth  Longfellow  e)” The  Legend of Sleepy Hollow”                                                                 f) Paul Revere’s Ride

Who did the following?

А. Washington  Irving           

B. Edgar Allan Poe         

C. Henry  Wadsworth Longfellow

  1. Who got excellent education and became a teacher at the college where he had studied?
  2. Who was theeleventh child in his family?
  3. Who was adopted by a tobacco merchant?
  4. Whose first books of poetry passed unnoticed?
  5. Who first among the writers of that time wrote history and biography as entertainment?
  6. Who compiled an anthology called ” Poets of Europe”
  7.  Who wrote horror stories, detective stories and science fiction?
  8. Who  described American landscapes  and was called the Father of American prose?