Життя і творчість американського письменника Едґара По

Життя і творчість американського письменника Едґара По. Матеріали для перевірки знань і розвитку навиків сприймання мови на слух.

Edgar Allan Poe( 1809 – 1849)


Answer the  questions about E. A. Poe’s biography.

  1.  What place does Edgar Allan Poe occupy in the American Literature?
  2.  What was the writer’s childhood like?
  3.  What family adopted the homeless child?
  4.  Did he get any education?
  5.  Did he visit any European countries?
  6. What of Poe’s works first made him famous?
  7.  What literary forms were created by Edgar Allan Poe?
  8. What works written by the author did you read

Listen to the story ” The Fall of the House of Ushers” andmark false and true sentences.

  1. The narrator had never met Roderick Usher before.
  2.  Lady Madeleine’s coffin was put in a room at the top of the house.
  3.  Usher’s illness grew worse after his sister’s death.
  4.  Usher had heard the sounds from the coffin many days before.
  5. The figure outside the door was the ghost of the Lady Madeleine.

Put together the beginning and the ending of the sentences.

  1. Although Usher and I had been good friends when we were young,
  2. The gloom that I felt was like a mysterious cloud,
  3. His face was as white as it has always been,
  4. As I finished reading the sentence
  5. and there was  a kind of madness in his eyes
  6. which seemed to come from the lake and the house itself.
  7. I jumped in my seat and then sit very still.
  8. I knew very little about him.

Put the sentences in the correct order.

  1. On the night of my arrival Usher’s sister  went to bed and didn’t get up from her sleep again.
  2. He suddenly jumped up to his feet and shouted ,” At this moment she is standing behind the door.”
  3. I was going to spend the next weeks at the house of Roderick Usher.
  4. Her brother decided to keep her body for a fortnight in one of the vaults under the house.
  5. Outside the door, dressed in white clothes of the dead, stood the tall figure of  the Lady Madeleine.
  6. The house of Usher was old with its high stone walls and narrow windows.
  7. About seven or eight days after we had put lady’s coffin in the vault there was a storm.
  8. My friend Usher wrote he was ill, ill in body and ill in mind; that he wanted and needed to see me.
  9. Then my friend Usher came in with a kind of madness in his eyes: “I tell you now  that I heard her moving in the coffin”