Тестові завдання. Біографія Вільяма Шекспіра (William Shakespeare Test)

William Shakespeare Test

Choose the right answer to the following questions

  1.  When was William Shakespeare  born?                           

                a )1610; b) 1564; c) 1600; d) 1608

2. What was his family like?                                                                 

a) His mother came from poor family but his father was rich.

b) Shakespeare had well-to-do parents.

c) His father got lands from Henry VII.

d) His father was the third of eight children in the family.

3. What education did he get?

a) He graduated from Oxford.

b) He left school at the age of eleven.

c) He received his education at Stratford school.

d) He received his education at the free grammar school.

4. What was his wife’s attitude to actors and theatre?

a) She was fond of them.

b) She dreamt of the career of an actor for her husband.

c) She  considered all actors to be drunkards and thieves.

d) She visited the theatre together with her husband.

5. What did Shakespeare do in London?

a) First he did various jobs connected with the theatre then he began to write plays.

b) First he offered his tragedies to the  Globe Theatre.

c) He helped his friends to build the theatre.

d) As soon as he arrived, he bought the theatre and became an actor there.

6. Who became the owners of the new Globe Theatre in 1599?

a) Shakespeare’s family

b) Shakespeare and six associates

c) Queen Elizabeth

d) King James VI

7. How many dramas did Shakespeare write?

a) 154;     b) 54      c) 37    d) 73

8. How many sonnets did he write?

a)  154      b) 54     c) 37    d)  73

9. Which of the following dramas is a comedy?

a) Romeo and Juliet

b) Hamlet

c) Othello

d) Twelfth Night

10. Where was Shakespeare buried after his death?

a) In Westminster Abbey                

b) In Stratford cemetery                  

c) Inside the Stratford church

d) In the Shakespeare Centre