Тестові завдання до уривку з роману Френсіса Скотта Фіцжеральда «Великий Гетсбі»

Francis Scott Fitzgerald   ” Great Gatsby”


Match these words from the text with their meanings.

  1. roadster                  a) competition
  2. curb                         b) worth
  3. tournament           c) small car
  4. beaux                      d) rubbish bin
  5. overseas                 e) probably
  6. valued                     f) pavement, sidewalk
  7. waste basket         g) lovers
  8. presumably            h) abroad


Find phrases or sentences in the text which have the same meaning

  1. were interested in one another;
  2. I was pleased because she noticed me;
  3. strange stories about her were passed from person to person;
  4. she didn’t talk to her parents;
  5. she didn’t go out with soldiers;
  6. her parents didn’t allow her to do that;
  7. I didn’t meet her;
  8. We pulled a dress on her


Find in the text the sentences with the following  phrases and collocations

  1. оком не моргнувши
  2. відсвяткована з розмахом
  3. схвильовано домагалися честі
  4. не хотіла випускати з рук
  5. хоча б на годину
  6. мені і в голову не прийшло , що це та сама людина
  7. звичайно ЇЇ не пустили


Similes. “As drunk as a monkey”.Match the adjectives on the left with the nouns on the right, to produce common similes.

  1. hungry                      a  rake
  2. stubborn                   b  ABC
  3. thin                            c  goose
  4. silly                            d  mule
  5. easy                           e  sheet
  6. white                         f  wolf