Англійська, 7 клас

Покрокова інструкція “Як надіслати виконане завдання вчителю”

Завдання учням 7-В класу від вчителя Кушляк В.В.

Form 7  Films

Вправа 1, 2. Навчіться визначати жанри фільмів та характеризувати їх. Вправа 3. Прочитайте зразок тексту про те, як можна розповідати про фільм.

  1. Read the sentences. Write the number of the sentence and the type of film the people are talking about?
  2. I liked the songs , and the acting was OK, but the actors couldn’t sing!
  3. I like films about the Wild West, especially ones with cowboys and Indians.
  4. It was the most exciting and gripping film I‘ve ever seen. You didn’t know who the murderer was until the very end.
  5. I’m really interested in that period of history, but I don’t think the film was very accurate, so I didn’t enjoy it.
  6. The special effects were amazing. I almost believed that it was 2050 and people actually lived on the planet Mars.
  7. It was about the Battle of Britain in 1940. Very exciting, but also quite violent.
  8. It was very funny, and the ending was hilarious!
  9. It was probably the scariest ghost story I’ve ever seen.

2.Match the description of the film to the adjective. Write the number of the sentence and the letter of the adjective.

  1. If you feel bored watching the film, this film is … a/ funny
  2. If you can’t stop watching the film, it is … b/ spectacular
  3. If the film makes you frightening, it is … c/ dull
  4. If you know what is going to happen at the end of the film, it is… d/ scary
  5. If the film makes you laugh, it is … e/ violent
  6. If you cry watching this film or have other strong emotions, it is… f/ predictable
  7. If the film has amazing photography and special effects, it is … g/ gripping
  8. If the film has a lot of fighting or blood, it is …. h/ moving
  9. Complete the table. Write the number and the word.

If a film is boring then you feel bored.











then you feel









Read the example of a talk about a  film. You may also speak about the plot of the film.

Last Sunday my mates and I decided to go to the cinema. We wanted to watch the latest film. It was ‘Black Raven”. “Black Raven” is a screen version of the novel by modern Ukrainian writer Vasyl Shklyar. The film is a historic drama. It was directed by Taras Tkachnko and came out in 2019 . “Black Raven” is set in Kholodnyi Yar, in the centre of Ukraine in the 1920s. The film stars Taras Tsymbaliuk as Ivan(Black Raven) and Kseniya Danylova as his wife.

  Use the prompts and  write about  two films.

Таблиця з назвами фільмів. Використайте зразок тексту вправи 3 і дані таблиці про популярні фільми та напишіть про будь-яких два.

The film is called

Kind of the film

It came out in

The film is set

Starring actors

Dog’s Way Home

(Шлях додому)

adventure film

January 2019

the city of Denver in Colorado, the USA

Bryce Dallas Howard

The Avengers: Endgame



spring 2019


Robert Downey Jr(junior)

It (Воно)

horror film

September 2019


Jessica Chastain

Five Feet Apart

(За п’ять кроків до кохання)

romantic film

spring 2019

the USA

Haley Lu Richardson

Agent Johnny English  Strikes Again

(Агент Джонні Інгліш 3.0)



2018, the UK

Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko

Jocker( Джокер)


October 2019

Gotham, the USA,1981

Joaquin Phoenix

Maleficent: The Mistress of Evil

(Малефісента- повелителька темряви)


October 2019

magic kingdom

Angelina Jolie(Maleficent)

Elle Fanning (Aurora)

The Strong Hold

(Сторожова застава)

adventure and fantasy


in Ukraine

Danylo Kamenskyi

Yeva Koshova

The Rising Hawk

(Захар Беркут)

historic action film


the Carpathian mountains

Tommy Flanagan

Robert Patrick



drama and thriller


Ukraine, Russia

Dmytro  Yaroshenko

The Addams Family

(Сімейка Аддамсів)

3D computer animated comedy


the USA

Oscar Isaac

Charlize  Theron